Breaking: Biden Family Corruption Exposed in NEW Criminal Referral to DOJ

In a bold move, House Republicans have pressed for criminal charges against Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden, and son, Hunter Biden. The recommendation is based on charges that the two blatantly lied in their testimonies during the impeachment trial of President Joe Biden. Republican congressmen James Comer, Jim Jordan, and Jason Smith have accused Hunter and James of making “materially false statements” under oath, and have insisted that these statements link to Joe Biden’s “knowledge of and role in his family’s influence peddling.”

The three committee chairs referred to testimony about the Bidens’ overseas financial gains, saying that the congressmen “has no reservations” about their “charged statements.” They have found enough evidence “from just the last year” to call for “a criminal investigation into the Bidens’ outside sources of income.” These congressmen further state that the Bidens used “a tangled web of shell companies and family money to grow rich beyond their means,” and suggest that Joe Biden was well aware of their actions.

The committee heads accuse Hunter of lying, “not once, not twice, but three times,” during his testimony. His lies revolve around his relation to a business that has allegedly helped him funnel in money from overseas dealings. The letter addresses his role with Rosemont Seneca Bohai, LLC, claiming to be the “corporate secretary,” and mentions threatening text messages he allegedly sent to a Chinese businessman. The congressmen also argue that Hunter told two different accounts of the recipient of these messages – one with “the same surname” and one with the intended receiver. These text messages, however, show that Hunter was “not afraid to wield,” allegedly using his father’s name as a motivation.

The letter also targets James Biden, Joe Biden’s brother, who they accuse of lying about meeting Hunter Biden’s business associate, Tony Bobulinski. While under oath, James Biden stated that he did not attend a meeting with Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Tony Bobulinski at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on May 2, 2017. However, Republicans claim that James did attend this now-infamous meeting, pointing out a “contradiction.” In their minutes-long testimonies, the Bidens allegedly make a “calculated,” “clumsy attempt,” to “insulate Joe Biden from the duly authorized impeachment inquiry.” This calculated offense is what the letter says will surely “lead,” whoever supported the Big Guy to believe they have “something to hide.”

The chairs’ letter concluded by urging Attorney General Merrick Garland to factor in Hunter’s “prior alleged criminal activity” when deciding on an indictment. They pointed out his two ongoing federal cases and reminded him of two federal court orders that mandate he “not commit any crimes while on federal supervised release.” In the end, the congressmen blasted Garland for failing to “immediately respond” to their criminal referral – a “mockery” on his watch as attorney general.

The move by Republicans was well received by conservative media, with some claiming that this development will surely have an impact on the picture of the Biden presidency. The committee chairs, in a statement to Western Journal, said they believe that “the truth” is now finally coming to the light and that the recent referral is proof that the Democrats have “called for impeachment of President Trump” over something that they now pretend is true.

The letter again makes a bold claim, stating that “if the media can not do its job,” then Congress would step in. And they have, in this case, pushing a visible agenda against the Bidens. The question now remains – will there be an actual criminal case against Hunter and James Biden?

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