Watch: GOP Rep. Donalds Exposes Biden and Democrats’ Desperate Lies About Jim Crow Comment

Republican Congressman Byron Donalds of Florida recently found himself on the receiving end of baseless accusations from Democratic Congressmen, specifically Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries. This is part of the Democrats’ desperation to regain support among black voters, particularly men who have been increasingly turning to Donald Trump.

At a recent Trump campaign event held by Donalds and fellow GOP Rep. Wesley Hunt of Texas, the historically conservative values of black voters were discussed. Donalds pointed out that black voters have always leaned towards conservative values, but since the 1960s, they have continuously voted for Democrats. He stated, “You see, during Jim Crow, the black family was together. During Jim Crow, more black people were not just conservative — black people have always been conservative-minded — but more black people voted conservatively.” He went on to explain how this demographic shift occurred due to social welfare programs introduced by President Lyndon Johnson.

However, the Democrats were quick to twist his words to serve their own agenda. In a video shared to social media, Jeffries accused Donalds of claiming that “black folks were better off during Jim Crow.” He went on to list the atrocities of the Jim Crow era, completely ignoring the context in which Donalds made his statement. Jeffries’ claims were baseless and aimed at creating controversy rather than addressing the concerns that have caused black men to turn away from the Democratic party.

Donalds was not going to let these accusations go unchallenged. He shared his response video to set the record straight and call out the Democrats for their lies. He stated, “America, Joe Biden’s campaign is lying to you once again and they’re gaslighting.” He then reminded viewers of Biden’s infamous comment during the 2020 election, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” Donalds then clarified his statement from the event, emphasizing that the policies of the Democratic party have contributed to the destruction of the black family. He also pointed out that, contrary to Jeffries’ claims, he also mentioned the reinvigoration of black families in America.

Democrats are worried about losing support among black voters, and their response has been to resort to race-baiting and twisting words to fit their narrative. This is not surprising, as Donalds rightly points out, as they always lie. It is time for the Democrats to realize that baseless accusations and name-calling will not win back the support of black voters. Instead, they should focus on addressing the concerns and revising their unpopular policies.

Donalds’ experience is just another example of the left’s tactics to silence and discredit anyone who does not align with their beliefs. They have no qualms about twisting someone’s words to paint them as racists. It is time for this behavior to stop. The Democrats should focus on policies, not lies and divisive tactics. As Donalds put it, “didn’t listen to the lies from the Biden administration, I know what I said, and I’ll say it straight to the camera.” It’s time for the Democrats to check themselves before they wreck themselves.

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