Watch: MTG Tears Apart Liberal Lies About Trump in Epic Showdown

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia recently made headlines after her fiery interview where she defended her beliefs and spoke out against the attacks on former President Donald Trump. In the interview, Greene was questioned about her behavior during a recent COVID-19 hearing where she refused to address Dr. Anthony Fauci with his title of “Dr.” She responded, “No, absolutely not. I mean, everything I said is correct.” She then went on to address Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin’s comments, calling out his hypocrisy.

“We have Jamie Raskin in there accusing us of worshipping Trump, worshipping a ‘convicted felon,'” Greene said, gesturing with quotation marks around “convicted felon.” She continued, “Well, he is a convicted felon. So is George Floyd. And every…you all, too, the media worship George Floyd. Democrats worship George Floyd.” Greene was making a point about the media and Democrats’ hypocrisy in their treatment of Trump and Floyd. While they attack Trump for his past legal issues, they hail Floyd as a hero and ignore his criminal record.

Greene’s interview also showcased her frustration with the constant attacks from Democrats. She clarified, “I don’t worship President Trump, and I’m really sick and tired of the bullsh*t antics I have to deal with constantly from the Democrats.” She expressed her deep devotion to God and made it clear that her focus is on serving Him, not any political figure.

Greene then addressed the comments made by Democrats during the COVID-19 hearing, where they attacked her character. “You want to know why? The Democrats don’t have anything. They’re responsible for the lockdowns, forced vaccinations, kids being forced to stay home, people committing suicide, and all the horrors this country lived through during COVID,” she said. She also called for Fauci’s license to be revoked and for him to be tried for “crimes against humanity,” a sentiment that many Americans share.

The liberal media has been quick to criticize Greene for her behavior and statements. However, as Greene pointed out, the media and Democrats have shown blatant hypocrisy in their treatment of Trump and Floyd. While Trump is constantly attacked and labeled as a “convicted felon,” the media and Democrats ignore Floyd’s past criminal record and glorify him as a martyr. This double standard needs to be called out and addressed.

Greene’s vocal and unapologetic stance against the hypocrisy of the left is refreshing in today’s political climate. She makes a valid point that while she is constantly attacked, it is acceptable for Democrats to attack her character. As she said, “It’s nonstop BS and antics.” The media should be focusing on more important issues, such as the failures of the Democratic party during the COVID-19 pandemic, instead of fixating on personal attacks towards Greene.


In the interview, Greene also expressed her frustration towards Dr. Fauci and his handling of the pandemic. She called for him to be prosecuted for “crimes against humanity,” citing the effects of the lockdowns and forced vaccinations. This sentiment echoes the frustration felt by many Americans towards the government’s mishandling of the pandemic. Instead of constantly targeting and attacking Greene, the media should be holding government officials accountable for their actions and decisions.

Greene’s interview sheds light on the biased and hypocritical behavior of the liberal media and Democrats. While she stands firm in her beliefs, she also highlights the damage caused by their actions and calls for accountability. It is important to have voices like Greene’s in the political arena, who are unafraid to speak out against the injustices and double standards of the left.

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