Watch Trump Snap At NBC Reporter For Protecting Biden

President Donald Trump engaged in a heated exchange with NBC host Kristen Welker on Sunday when she falsely claimed there is “no evidence” linking Joe Biden to Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

In a pre-taped interview for “Meet the Press” which aired Sunday, Trump and Welker sparred on the topic of Hunter Biden after Welker said there was “no evidence” Joe Biden had “any link” to his son’s business dealings.

“Well, I don’t,” Trump interrupted, with a puzzled expression on his face. He then pointed out that Joe Biden “called in” to Hunter Biden’s business meetings and “was put on speakerphone and — every single day and.”

“And what about the fact that he got rid of the prosecutor for a billion dollars?” Trump asked.

“Mr. President, the witness who testified though, said that he never heard any discussion of business when President Biden was put on the phone,” Welker retorted.

Trump then noted, “He said, ‘You don’t get rid of this prosecutor, I’m not giving $1 billion.’”

“That was looked into, as well. And, as you know, there was never any wrongdoing,” Welker responded. While attempting to sidestep the topic, she quickly moved on, telling Trump “let’s move on.” Yet Trump persisted and responded, “Quid pro quo.”

Testimony from Hunter Biden’s former business associate Devon Archer suggests that Joe Biden spoke with his son’s business partners on more than 20 occasions. Archer recalled a spring 2014 dinner Joe Biden had with Russian oligarch Elena Baturina and a spring 2015 dinner with Vadim Pozharskyi, an executive at Ukrainian energy firm Burisma — the same firm where Hunter was being paid $80,000 a month to sit on the board.

Archer further testified that the Biden family “brand” represented by Joe Biden protected Burisma from scrutiny and kept the firm in business. The House Oversight is currently investigating Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings and the alleged role his father Joe Biden has played in them.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden denied that these accusations are true when confronted by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy in August. The White House has maintained the position that Joe Biden was “not in business” with his son.

Trump is calling out the media for covering up evidence that suggests the Bidens were involved in multinational corruption.


“It’s yet another example of the media covering up something for Joe Biden,” Trump asserted during the interview. “The media’s done nothing but cover up for Joe Biden and it’s disgraceful. It should be reported, it should be reported more than anybody else because it’s really a disgrace.”

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