Jimmy Kimmel Uses Grieving Children To Push Alt-Left Narrative [Video]

Officer’s Bodycam Destroys Woman’s Claim Of Discrimination [Video]

Texas Authorities Show Broward County How Authorities Are Supposed To Act

Alt-Left Operatives Show Lack Of Empathy In Wake Of Texas Tragedy

New Study Shows Millennial’s Are Probably Victims Of Our Failing Left-Leaning Public Education System

NY Judge Rules That You CAN Refuse Service To Anyone You Choose, As Long As They’re A Trump Supporter

PA Dem Forced To Resign After Allegedly Being Caught Soliciting From A Police Informant

The DNC Has More Debt Than Funds But Still Pays Clinton Handsomely For Her Speeches [Video]

Trump Is Right And Lefties Are ACTUALLY Defending MS-13 “Animals”

Sarah Sanders Suggests Trump Should Have Used Stronger Language In Latest Heated Remark

Warren Goes Off The Deep End, Latest Anti-American Claim Is Crazier Than Usual

Kent State Grad Takes A Stand For The Second Amendment In An EPIC Way

MSM Can’t Cover Up Their “Peaceful” Palestinian Lie Anymore

Obama Caught Red Handed In A Bait And Switch In Personal Museum Scheme

Parkland Resource Officer Who Stood By During Mass Shooting Collects FAT Surprise [Video]

Taxpayer Money Used In Daycare Fraud Was Used To Fund Terrorism – How Was This Allowed?!

Nikki Haley Calls Iran For EXACTLY What They’re Doing In The Middle East

The Numbers Are In, Here’s How Much Was Spent Unintentionally Arming Al Qaeda Under Obama Administration

Son Of Fallen Officer Cared For By His Brothers In Blue

Mueller Attempts To Circumvent Judge, Leak Exists That May “Hurt His Case”

Possible Conflict Of Interest Discovered In Mueller’s Russia Investigation

Adult Actress Directly Employed By Stormy Accuses The Smut Mogul of Allowing Assault





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