Trump Hits China Where It Hurts – Sends A Message They Won’t Soon Forget

Trump Put The Orders In! Declassification Of Documents On Russia Soon To Follow

Lisa Page TORCHES Mueller’s Investigation – Reveals Before The SC The FBI Had NOTHING

Even CNN Can’t Get Answers From Ocasio-Cortez

Coast Guard Commander DEMOLISHES San Juan Mayor’s Claim Against Trump

MSNBC Contributor’s SICK Claim That Trump Killed Hurricane Victims [Video]

Kavanaugh Accuser’s Story Seems To Be Falling Apart

Clinton Forgets He Is NOT President And Calls For “Assault Weapons” Ban

Trump And Pompeo UNLOAD On John Kerry For Working Against The United States

Don Jr Slams Obama: Makes a Mockery Of His Midterm Campaigning

Chicago’s Socialist Mayor: Last Stab At The Working Class Leaves Taxpayers In Agony!

Jim Carrey Gets A Dose Of Reality From Venezuela After Praising Socialism

Internet Goes WILD After News Anchor Gets Caught Faking The News [Video]

Watch: Senate Judicial Member Feinstein Tries A last Minute Smear Of Kavanaugh

Dem’s New Political Ad Under Fire For Using Her Unborn Baby To Get Votes [Video]

Irrelevant Kimmel Bashed Melania And Catches Grief From Fans

Watch: Hot Mic Catches Tender Moment Between Trump And Melania

Sick! Emergency Operator Reportedly Hung Up On Thousands Of Calls: “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For This”

Nikki Haley Lets The UN Know: The US is not the world’s piggy bank.

Tom Perez, DNC Chair, Proclaimed Obama As America’s “Real President”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Uses Fear Tactics On Followers To Support Abortions

Looney Michael Moore Claims Trump Could Be The Last President





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