Candice Owens Is Beyond Fed Up – Rips Biden Over Sexist Exec Orders That Targets Women [Video]

Conservative political commentator Candice Owens has clearly had enough of the Biden administration already- but who hasn’t at this point? She took aim at Biden’s recent orders that allows biological males who identify as females to compete in girl’s sports. It an issue that everyone should be furious over especially parents of school-aged girls who have ambitions of being involved in sports or aiming for scholarships.

Carlson prompted Owens by asking, “So what effect will this have? You are a woman. You’re married. You just had a baby. In the wake of this, can anyone really say, ‘I’m a woman. I’m a man.’ Do those terms have meaning any more?”

“You will be called a bigot, as I have been called; a hateful individual, a transphobe — the Left just likes to use all of these pejoratives when you are just speaking common sense,” Owens answered. “And I find this to be unbelievably offensive: the idea there are no differences between men and women, especially, as you just mentioned, me being someone that just gave birth six weeks ago. The idea that there is nothing that makes me special, nothing that makes me different from a man that stands up and says, ‘I now identify as a woman,’ it’s quite frankly, insulting.”

“And take a look at this,” she continued. “Honestly, just think about this for a second to really paint a picture of what the Left is trying to do: What they are saying right now is that LeBron James, when he was in high school and was drafted by the NBA, LeBron James, in all his physical prowess, should have been allowed to in high school to say, “I no longer identify as a man; I identify as a woman,’ and he should have been allowed to compete with every woman in every other competition, and that would have been deemed equal. That would have been deemed an exercise in achieving equality.”

“We know that that is anything but,” Owens posited. “And this is the problem with the Left, Tucker; it’s so, so serious: They do not understand what equality is. They don’t know what equality means. They think it’s sameness. They think we just need to make everybody a carbon copy of the other person; nobody can have any differences. They hate the idea of male, female, girl, boy, because that means that there are some differences between all of us. And there is. What conservatives fight for is, we want to make sure people have equal opportunities, but we acknowledge there are real biological realities that cannot be ignored.”

“Here’s actually what I find to be really funny, right?” Owens said. “They go on about calling us transphobic, but think about somebody like Rachel Dolezal. The Left completely were so angry about her because she is, for lack of a better term, “transracial,” right? She is a biological white female who woke up one day and decided that she was going to be black until she was discovered.”

“Well, imagine if Rachel Dolezal signed up and started taking opportunities away from black people for black academic success, black scholarships,” Owens pointed out. “Wouldn’t the Left absolutely implode if Rachel Dolezal was given a scholarship because she thought she was black, she woke up one day and decided to be black? Why can’t they have the same standards for women? Why are they allowing them to erase women?”

She concluded, “You know, they told us we should fear Donald Trump and the Trump administration, right, because women, it was going to be so dangerous if Trump got into office. Well, look at what Joe Biden did in just a couple of weeks in office. That is where the real concern lies”



The thing that I think bothers me the most here is where the heck are all the super-feminists in all of this? Did the trans movement kill the feminist movement we were all overwhelmed by during the Trump administration? Or is it ‘okay’ because it’s Biden?

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