Failed Gov Cuomo Points Fingers Over His Own Pathetic Failures [VIDEO]

Former Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made some startling claims on the “No BS News Hour with Charlie LeDuff,” when asked about his opinion of Dr. Anthony Fauci. According to Cuomo, Fauci “played politics” to keep his job, claiming the former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was “intimidated” by former President Trump.

However, this comes as no surprise in our current political climate, where Democrats have ceaselessly criticized Donald Trump and his administration since day one in office. It is yet another example of Democrats’ hypocritical attempts to blame another party for their own actions.

Cuomo’s claims about Fauci only highlight his attempts to deflect from his own disastrous handling of COVID-19 in New York. While Cuomo instituted a strict lockdown order for the state of New York back in March 2020, he then ordered nursing homes to accept over 9,000 recovering COVID-19 patients, resulting in an estimated 4,000 deaths. This has prompted an investigation by federal prosecutors and an impeachment inquiry by the New York State Assembly.

Of course, Cuomo attempted to excuse his controversial behavior by comparing it to a war, claiming “nobody expects the President of the United States or a Governor of a state or anyone to have every answer to this unknown phenomenon that we have never dealt with before.” But this excuse doesn’t add up. By Cuomo trying to shift blame on to Fauci who is essentially a scapegoat, he is avoiding responsibility for his own poor decisions that resulted in thousands of deaths.

Cuomo also had the audacity to blame Trump for his “different story every week,” yet Cuomo overlooked the fact that Trump was supposedly good for his own political gain. Cuomo himself stated, “Trump was never honest with the American people, he made it up and he kept making it up and they were different versions every time he opened his mouth.” It doesn’t get more hypocritical than this.


And while it is clear that Fauci was not completely honest about the facts of the virus, the blame cannot solely fall on him. Donald Trump was honest about the facts he was provided and did his best to console the American people during one of the most difficult times in our nation’s history. Instead of playing the blame game, Andrew Cuomo should take responsibility for his own actions and recognize Trump’s leadership at the time.

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