Pelosi Goes Off On Crowd After Hearing Laughter

They must have mistaken her for a clown… If only she were joking when she was talking about this massive spending bill that is going to cost us $1.75 Trillion. But Pelosi became offended when she heard someone chuckle when she said the trillion-dollar bill is going to bring down the national debt.

” Pelosi held a press conference discussing the legislative agenda for Friday evening, addressing the Democratic infighting occurring in Congress over the infrastructure package and the Build Back Better bill for social spending.”

Pelosi spoke in the House of Representatives, extolling the claimed benefits of the Democrats’ $1.75 trillion spending proposal…

“It will be one of the most significant legislative undertakings that any of us have ever been part of,” Pelosi said.”

The speaker claimed that this bill will be even bigger and more effective than the Affordable Care Act, passed by former President Barack Obama.”

“So if you’re talking about how we want to have immediate and enduring difference for the workers and families, creating jobs, securing middle-class tax cuts, lowering costs for families, and making the wealthiest pay their fair share, all the while contributing to reducing the national debt,” Pelosi said.”

“She then stopped speaking as someone else in the House apparently let out a guffaw.

“Did I hear a laugh over there?” she asked.

“Did I hear a laugh from those who added $2 trillion in tax cuts for the richest people in America, 83% of it going to the top 1%?” she fired back.

“This is paid for and more than paid for,” she claimed.”

You see when she says it is paid for, she means rich Americans are going to pay for it.

The president on Thursday made the case that his spending plan was “fiscally responsible and fully paid for” and that it will not add to the deficit.

Here is what’s proposed:

  • The plan promises to offset its $1.75tn cost with an estimated $2tn in revenue increases, according to the White House
  • A 15% minimum tax on the reported profits of large firms
  • An additional 5% tax on incomes of more than $10m annually and another 3% tax on incomes above $25m
  • Increased enforcement to cut down on tax evasion by large corporations and the wealthy”

So yea it’s paid for by American taxpayers, and you know that Americans are going to feel this tax as it trickles down in increased prices in consumer goods and wherever else the rich can to make up for it.

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