Watch: Enraged Student Assaults Teacher Over Cell Phone

A recent video that has gone viral on social media has left netizens outraged. It shows a Tennessee student pepper-spraying a school teacher after he confiscated her phone.

The footage taken at Antioch High School near Nashville displays the student arguing with the teacher and demanding the return of her phone. As the teacher leaves the room, the student follows with a vial of pepper spray and blasts it in his direction.

“Can I get my – don’t f-ing touch me!” the student screams. The teacher can be seen falling to his knees and screaming in pain as the student attempts to take her phone back.

The incident was confirmed by Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) who stated that the student had received “appropriate disciplinary consequences” for her actions. MNPS also said that the teacher received immediate medical assistance from the school’s nurse and an incident report was filed with the Metro Nashville Police Department for further investigation.

One user added that this was the second time the teacher had been assaulted by a student. Two months ago, a different student punched him in the face after he took away his phone when caught cheating.

Netizens were enraged at the news and stated that the student “straight up assaulted” the faculty member. One user commented: “That’s aggravated assault!”

It is unclear what the repercussions will be for the student, however, it is clear that the teacher is not safe in the school environment. It is also a concerning sign of how far students will go to get their way.


It is important that schools take the safety of their staff seriously and ensure that they are properly protected. It is also vital that students are taught to respect authority and know the limits of acceptable behaviour.

The video of the student pepper spraying the teacher is a stark reminder of the importance of providing a safe and secure environment for faculty and students alike. It is imperative that schools take the necessary steps to protect their staff from dangerous and violent behaviour.

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