Watch: Tax-Payer Funded PBS Targets Conservatives For Standing Up For Kids

It’s time to speak up against the dangerous woke agenda that Democrats are pushing. They’re trying to normalize something that’s far from normal: gender reassignment surgery on children. It’s an incredibly harmful narrative that’s being pushed onto kids without any real understanding of the long-term consequences.

This agenda-pushing is nothing more than a false alarm. It’s a political agenda meant to scare people into believing that there’s something wrong with Republican-led efforts to protect children. It’s an attempt to paint them as bigots and transphobes.

But the truth is that transitioning children at such a young age is dangerous. According to the American College of Pediatricians, “80-95% of pre-pubertal children who experience gender dysphoria will no longer experience it by late adolescence.” This means that the majority of children who transition will de-transition as adults.

This is why the liberal media’s agenda-pushing is so dangerous. They’re trying to normalize something that is far from normal and could lead to serious physical and psychological harm to children. Instead of pushing a political agenda, we should be focusing on issues that are actually causing harm to our children like gun violence, mental health, and other issues.

It’s time to stop this dangerous agenda-pushing and to start having real conversations about the real issues that are affecting our children. Trafficking would be a great place to start!

We need to be honest and open about the risks associated with gender reassignment surgery and the potential long-term consequences. We need to start focusing on what’s really important: protecting our children.


Here is my last thoughts on this subject; Like NPR, PBS is widely funded by the unwitting public. If they’re going to continue to push leftest ideologies they need to back off of taxpayers and start barking at the DNC for cash.


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